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2nd Apr, 2010


I'm officially part of the world of the UNEMPLOYED!

march 27, 2010
finally! all those years of hardwork, sleepless nights and endless group studies paid off! thanks to my teachers, friends, family and to god for making this day possible! ^_^

19th Mar, 2010



 There's only one more thing left. 

PLEASE oh please grant my wish! 

3rd Mar, 2010



 I just wanna break down and cry right now

damn it! 

1st Mar, 2010


just now?

It's been a long Long LONG LONG time since I've updated you my dear friend..

My apologies

I do solemnly swear to keep in touch with you from now on

24th Sep, 2009


excited and scared

CHEERDANCE is drawing near!!! Oh em Gee!!!! 

28th Aug, 2009


(no subject)

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21st Aug, 2009


we needed a break so...

I need to chill...relax...and get away from all the stress...
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18th Aug, 2009


This Blog shouldn't exist!

It's in the middle of exam week and I'm supposed to finish my take home exam in one of my major subjects... hahaha... This is what you call procrastination! =p I can't help it, I'm just too lazy to continue my work (aside from the fact that I dunno how to answer those darn questions! haha)

Anyways, I'll just have to continue this tomorrow where I can get my answers from my oh-so-genius friends..nyahaha =p

21st Jul, 2009



These past few days I have done nothing but play SIMS3 and NFS on my pc. IM AN ADDICT!!! Haha! I have been putting aside all the other things I should have done w/c are more productive and my mother had been nagging me about my habit. I know she's right and I need to get up on feet and start being useful around the house. Maybe I'll start by finishing up this post and cleaning my room..haha..ciao for now! 

BTW there's going to be an eclipse today, and I'm gonna watch it! 


16th Jul, 2009

1 day down

This is the 1st of the ten day vacation for me due to the h1n1 quarantine at school


This is the first time that I'm f****d up that there's no classes..

Now I have to endure this..help!!
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